Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Been A While & That's Not My Style

So, I admit, I've been away for a few months.  Summer came and went, fall flew by, and here we are in the middle of winter and I've yet to give you a fresh musing or two.  See, I've been busy at my day job at @solidcactus, keeping up with some other personal chores, and undertaking a new venture most recently: guest writing for  With nearly 4 million monthly visitors, the technology/social media/geek blog is a great place for me to share more musings and tidbits on topics I'm interested in.

It's great contributing to a blog that's fresh, update-to-date, and witty.  The posts range from truly unique and innovative informational pieces on anything "geek" to "how to" guides for the world of social media, a place which has given me a lot of pleasure the past several years during my time in the media and now as an Internet marketer.

That said, I'll try to keep this page active going forward, with a post or more a week.

And, if you have some free time now, feel free to check out my first two pieces on Bit Rebels:

"Why Twitter Keeps You Up At Night"
"Words With Friends: An Award Winning Crossword Puzzle Game"

Oh, and happy Hump Day ... or night.

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