Friday, October 4, 2013

Why Scandal's Special

She's a saavy PR pro who makes a living fixing problems for the Washington elite.

He's the President of the United States, also known as the leader of the Free World.

Having been instrumental in helping Fitzgerald Grant get elected to the highest office in the land, Olivia Pope knows a thing or two getting what she wants.  It's unfortunate - at least to the million-and-some Olivia Pope fans in the world - that the one thing she can't get is the love of her life: the President.

Drama-filled scenes that tug at heart strings, like the one witnessed tonight, intertwined with the consistent cattiness of some politicians (think shutdown 2013), is what makes the show work.  In fact, TV Guide named it the 13th best series of 2012 - for good reason.

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With it's season premiere tonight, viewers are ready for another season of Olivia and her Gladiators (her nickname for her "fix-it" associates capable of getting anyone with a few bucks out of a jam, the President and his painfully vindictive wife who'll stop at nothing to defend her reputation, and Chief of Staff Cyrus and his amusing antics (Cyrus is pure entertainment for this writer; watch and you'll see).

What makes me watch week after week right precisely at its allotted airtime of 10 p.m. Eastern on Thursdays is really quite simple: the chemistry between the characters and the writing.  Let me rephrase: the brilliant writing.  It's quick, yet smart; snarky, yet polite; intelligent, yet really fun and funny. 

What some pegged as a nighttime soap with little substance when it first aired two years ago, has become an obsession for the world, particularly on Twitter where hastags for Ask Scandal, Olivia Pope, and Gladiators were all top trenders Thursday night.  While there's lot of competition for TV shows to get into the top trending position in primetime, it's not hard when the show connects with its audience, like Scandal does.

Whether you're a hopeless romantic, a political junkie with a penchant for drama, or just a lover of network TV, you'll like Scandal.

Perhaps the reason for me is because this made-up presidency reminds me of that of JFK's, with young kids living in the White House, a youthful President commanding and leading, and all the glitz and glamour of a seemingly Camelot era present. Oh, and an assassination attempt, too (there's more than just a love affair here).

Add into the mix the President is white and his mistress is black, and it appeals to a whole other audience and demographic - one more in tune with current times.

What about you?  What makes you crazy for the Scandal? 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

CBS Goes Dark For 3 Million

If you're one of the three million customers in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, or any of the other markets Time Warner Cable provides service to, you likely missed the CBS Evening News last night.

That's because the cable company and CBS, one of the big "three" television networks, were unable to reconcile a fee dispute, so just after 5 p.m. Friday, it was lights out for CBS.

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You can read more about the dispute in the New York Times' article from today, but truth be told, a dispute like this - no matter what side you're on - looks bad for both the cable company and the network.  Both appear greedy and dismissive of viewers, as if their fees are more important than Grandma watching The Young & The Restless (which she may not get to watch since negotiations are expected to last more than a week). In all honesty, both are in the customer-service business. A move like this normally infuriates viewers and draws harsh criticism directed at the cable provider, but with dismal summer programming, there hasn't been as much backlash as CBS had hoped.

The network, which is asking for a $2-per-customer re-transaction fee, has been reaching out to viewers via social media for support.  Hundreds of users commented on CBS' official Facebook page last night, many saying CBS was at fault for demanding too much money. One commenter even said she'd write to their advertisers and begin boycotting their services.

TWC issued a statement saying "CBS is trying to delay this negotiation right up to NFL season, which is not fair to our customers," a spokesperson said. "We’ve accepted numerous extensions at this point, but it’s become clear that no matter how much time we give them, they’re not willing to come to reasonable terms."

The cable provider, too, has asked customers for support, utilizing its social media outlets and public airwaves.

It, like so many issues these days, comes down to the almighty dollar.  By CBS demanding more money from TWC, TWC would probably be forced to raise customer costs.  By TWC refusing to pay more for CBS, subscribers may lose CBS in their homes.  All in all, it's a miserable situation, but in the end, the ones who really get screwed are the customers.

What's the solution here?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If You Think You Can, You CAN!

If nothing else, remember:

What's that mean?

Quit it with the negative energy; noone needs or wants it.  Go after what you want, and when someone tells you you can't have it, try harder.