Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Pin Or Not To Pin?

Everyday, undoubtedly, somebody is asking me about Pinterest - whether to do it or not.  Being in the field I am now, of course I tell them to go for it!  What fun it can be to share photos of your favorite products, places and foods, and organize them neatly on specific boards for your viewing audience to enjoy.  The organizational aspect of it (which is still lacking in some social-media worlds) is enough to make me want to pin.

My colleague, Leni, wrote a lovely post the other day about why to pin and, yes, even why you might NOT want to pin (ahem, check out the possible legal problems). It's particularly worthwhile for those whose brands (whether personal or professional) are colorful, visual, and people-oriented.

Check out Leni's take on Pinterest and how it can help you.

Happy pinning!