Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hump Day - check

By the time Hump Day is over, I feel like a fish dragged out of sea and onto shore.  Well, OK, not REALLY.  But, it's a bit relieving to think of the work week 60% of the way over.  While I love what I do (Pay-Per-Click marketing for various online clients), when you're in an office all day long, undoubtably a person can get a little restless.

I'm lucky, because I get to work with a variety of industries.  I have clients in retail, service and gift industries, all of whom require different kinds of keywords to bid on, a different set of ads tailored to that specific market, and a different set of platforms to target the ads to, whether it be Google's regular search services, Google's Display Network, Yahoo and Bing search engines, mobile devices, etc. 

Basically, my days are different every day.

While I enjoy the variety of the job and the various day-to-day duties, I certainly do like getting one step closer to the weekend.  That just means we should all work that much harder on Thursdays and Fridays, because, after all, when we work like crazy, the day just flies by, right? 

I recall a conversation I had with a co-worker in the media a few years back.  He said how he longed for a career where he could work a 9-5 Monday through Friday.  He wanted to travel more, plans things more, just basically DO more (besides work).  Ironically, I'm the one that left the industry for the 9-5 job (although down the road who knows what kind of schedule I'll be on!), and he's still there, plugging away on weekends, nights and any other time a story demands he be on scene.

I often think who is better off?  He has a crazy, hectic job that pulls him every which way all day long and basically all year long.  I have a set schedule, with a somewhat structured life.

You have to have worked BOTH type schedules to appreciate both.  And believe me, there are positives and negatives to each which I appreciate.

But, for now, I'm just happy to have a regulary scheduled Hump Day.  Every week.  Happy Hump!

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