Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lohan Makes News ... Again

When I think back on times I've publicly embarassed myself (and boy, there have been a few that I'll share down the road in this space), I've reacted.  Not by doing more of the same, but by actively reflecting and, yes, hibernating, until I've come to terms with how to handle myself better in the future.

I've talked to and know many people who aren't afraid to make mistakes in the public eye, but work hard to correct their mistakes and pick themselves back up.  They keep going.  They forge ahead.  And they make things right.

Poor (if that's the right word) "Mean Girl" Lindsay Lohan has not, and all I can think is what a shame.  Here is someone who has what many young people can only hope for:  fame, looks, money - basically, enough of everything.

To think that, yet again, she's in the news for stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice jewelry store is troubling and saddening because Lohan, who is the same age as me, clearly knows no limits and takes no responsibilities for her actions.  Whether or not she took the necklace is still not clear, although it's being reported that Lohan was the last person seen wearing the necklace and one of her associates took it back to the store once news broke that it was missing.

I can only wonder if the "Mean Girls" and "Parent Trap" star will still have a following when she returns to acting.  By now, everyone knows about her drug problems and the assault charges currently filed against her.  So, can fans or just average movie goers in general turn a blind eye when supporting her in the theaters?  I think I'll be able to because I believe in second chances, redemption and all that other stuff that makes us human. 

I can only hope she - and those troubled, like her - can pick herself back up and genuinely strive to change the course of her life.  After all, she has many years left, let's hope she makes them worthwhile.

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